BackupDocs for Time Manager

You can get Time Manager Pro here. It has the ability to create new categories, time budgets for categories, and new tasks.

You can download BackupDocs here: BackupDocs Make sure you save the jar file where you wish to keep your backup data.

After saving, run the jar file by double clicking on it, and then click Backup from your iPhone on the same network over wifi to backup your time management information.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Time Manager for the iPhone

Manage your time and get control of your life! Hourly billings? Track your billings and export custom tabular reports directly to email.


  • Set time budgets and view statistics to see how well you are hitting your allotted time targets.
  • Start/Stop timers that continue to work when your iPhone or iPod is off (does not use battery).
  • Go back in time to see any daily record of tasks.
  • Three levels of hierarchy to organize your time into categories, tasks, and task entries.
  • Free download of software to backup/restore your data for extra security.
  • Full help for all 13+ viewable screens.

No Internet access required at any time. Backup uses your local wifi network.